Court Reporting
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Puget Sound Reporting is a premier and trusted provider of court reporting services in the Pacific Northwest legal community. We understand that precise court reporting is crucial to legal proceedings, which is why our expert staff is dedicated to delivering accurate transcripts to clients in a prompt and professional manner.

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Court Reporting

Choosing a capable court reporting partner is key. When you partner with Puget Sound Reporting, you’ll work with a certified court reporter that is an expert in courtroom protocol and procedure. Our professional expertise, understanding of legal terminology, and ability to adapt to courtroom delays and interruptions allow you to rest easy knowing that your transcript will be accurate down to the last detail.

services include


When it comes to transcribing recordings, let Puget Sound Reporting do the work for you. Our professional legal transcriptionists use the highest quality transcription technology to provide the excellent transcript copy you deserve. They will develop and provide confidential files instantly, even with an immediate deadline.

Proud to announce our new partnership with Shepard Transcriptions and adding a huge amount of services for our clients including but not all inclusive of:

  • Court proceedings
  • Adult forensic sexual assault interviews
  • Child forensic sexual assault interviews
  • IMEs
  • Medical records
  • Forensic psych evaluations
  • Commitment hearings
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Code enforcement hearings
  • DOL hearings
  • DSHS hearings
  • EEO hearings
  • Documentary interviews
  • Educational interviews
  • Public hearings
  • HOA hearings
  • 911 recordings
  • Jail calls
  • Law enforcement dashboard & body camera recordings
  • Law enforcement IA interviews
  • FBI interviews
  • Security video
  • Telephonic warrant applications
  • Undercover wire recordings
  • Witness statements
  • Recorded phone calls
  • Voice messages
  • Text messages
  • Videos (audio and screenshots)
  • Wills/DPOAs, trusts and estates
  • Insurance statements
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Video conferencing services are incredibly valuable and influential in the legal profession. PSR uses video conferencing to capture interviews, depositions, and expert witness testimony from individuals around the globe.

This cost-effective service is particularly helpful when trials involve “special measures”—a set of provisions that assist intimidated or vulnerable witnesses by relieving pressure that can accompany giving evidence in court. If they are unable to be present in court due to varying factors or circumstances, this video conferencing allows them to provide evidence despite their physical absence.

Uses of video conferencing include

  • Taking testimony and interviewing witnesses prior to trial
  • Holding supplementary meetings between counsel
  • Capturing appeal and administrative hearings
  • Providing access to recorded videos for future review


Puget Sound Reporting offers certified legal interpreters that can speak any language (including American Sign Language). Our experienced interpreters consider the specific needs of legal professionals and are skilled in fostering an effective interaction between you and your clients.

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We greatly value first responders as clients, and thank them for their service. Our services for first responders are vast, prompt, and available for local law enforcement and fire marshals—no need to outsource out of state.